Rich Holsworth

I've always thought of myself as a composer that plays the guitar and an improvisor that likes to compose. My first solo CD 'Mornings Light' demonstrates these relationships in every piece.

I was born (as I have been informed and believe) and weened on the music of Dave Brubeck, the big band of Stan Kenton and the songs of Julie London and June Christie. Although this knowledge resides beneath the surface of my known memories I have to believe it is true because the indoctrination was absolute. The sounds of improvised music, jazz and beyond fill my head constantly and nearly completely. I couldn't be happier about that. My dad was a big jazz fan and my grandparents, his parents, both musicians. Unlike many young musicians, rather than being thwarted with “ what about a real job?”, I was encouraged to be exactly what I loved. And I couldn't be happier about that as well. 

I've been an active composer, performer, recording artist and educator in northern Ohio for over forty years. Studies in guitar at The Berklee College of Music with Wayne Clifton and in Boston privately with Mick Goodrick and composition studies with John Bavicchi and Jeronamis Kacinskas set the stage leading to more composition work with Ed London of the renowned Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Rudolph Bubalo, Bain Murray and Frank Wiley. My performances range from solo work on any kind of guitar, including MIDI guitar starting in 1985, to work with my own ensemble Nimbus, The Mystral Guitar Duo with Pete Maric, various trios and quartets and extensive work with Rob Ticherich and the IEAEI ( International Electro-Acoustic Ensemble of Improvisors). As a teacher I've made my home, for over thirty years, at Cuyahoga Community College in the greater Cleveland area where I am the Program Coordinator for Music on the eastern campus.